NCFCA at Patrick Henry College

Logistics & Project Management


Patrick Henry College (PHC) agreed to host a national debate competition (NCFCA) that would bring 2000+ visitors to campus each day for 4 days. The challenge; under normal operations, PHC accommodated 400 staff and students, 9 meeting spaces, general assembly space for 300, and meals for 600.


The best starting point was the campus staff. The vision and magnitude of the event was cast to the campus staff just 3 months prior to the event. Steering committees within the staff were created; operations, grounds, parking, security, food operations, finances, volunteer recruiting, public relations, etc. The next step was to determine how to create meeting space other than outdoor tent space used for the “dining area” and general assembly, the answer, dorms. With absolutely no storage, for every piece of furniture removed, it had to have a space to be moved to. Dorm rooms and lounges were converted into competition rooms, along with every classroom, board room and library space.



As a result of casting the vision and developing the team, each committee caught the vision in their own division and made it their own, creating the most successful competition in NCFCA’s ten year history and a seamless operation on a campus that had never had more than 1000 people on it for one day.