National Bible Bee


In its inaugural year, the Shelby Kennedy Foundation  (SKF) was tasked with producing the National Bible Bee tournament.  Inundated with over 17,000 contestants interested in participating, the daily details became the focus for the SKF team, therefore plans for the National Tournament was not even in the conceptual stages.  With just 7 months until the National Bible Bee in Washington D.C., a road map, plan or concept of how to design and produce an national event with 1200 people including minors was not in place.


Knowing that time was short, and not much time or consideration had been given to any part of the National Contest, J. Duck started bywriting a 175 page Event Design and Procedures manual, creating the National Tournament on paper, bringing the design , logistics, program and procedures to life in a working manual necessary to produce and implement an event of this nature.  Security measures for minors had to be taken into consideration along with determining how to accommodate over 30 meeting rooms running concurrently and limited seating capacity for various events.  Once the manual was in place, it became a road map for J. Duck to produce the entire event from conception to delivery.



The result was a highly successful event, with over  $140,000 in prize money given to the top winners, 1200 attendees and over 400 national and local volunteers.  The final event that was viewed by over 13,000 viewers via web broadcast.